Governing Council Meeting Recap-April 15, 2023

Dear MPA members:

The MPA Governing Council met on April 15, 2023, over zoom. Below is a brief recap of the meeting:
Members in attendance introduced themselves. We welcomed our newest member of the Executive Council, Kelly Nelson, Ph.D., L.P., as she is starting her term as Treasurer.

Financial Health
Kelly Nelson, Treasurer, and Amber Schletty, Executive Director, went over the budget for MPA for 2023. Our income is in line with the projections, and although the budget was passed with a $17,000 projected deficit, MPA hopes to make up for that loss with several full-day conferences and Friday Forums over the next year. The 87th MPA Annual Conference will be held in person at the Crowne Plaza on April 27 and 28, 2023. Income from that event is expected to increase revenue due to higher sponsorship numbers this year.

Education and Training
Susan Rydell, Chair of Education and Training presented the final schedule for the second half of 2023. The following events are scheduled.
• August 4 First Friday Forum (FFF): When Suicide isn’t Suicide: Understanding Medical Aid in Dying presented by Dwight Moore, Ph.D., LP and Rebecca Thoman, M.D.; this will be a three-hour version of the same presentation presented at MPA’s 2023 Annual Conference
• September 8 Full Day FFF from The Trust: Navigating Challenging Conversations: Ethics and Risk Management presented by Daniel Taube, J.D., PhD
• Oct 6 FFF: The Business of Psychology Practice presented by APA Practice Director, Jared Skillings, Ph.D., ABPP
• Nov 2 Distinguished Scholar Lecture: Health Identity and Discrimination presented by Tené T. Lewis, Ph.D. (live at Macalester College)
• Nov 3 Full Day FFF - President’s Conference: Focus on Women and post-partum mental health and early childhood parenting; Catherine Wright, Psy.D., KP of DHS and others (more info to come)
• November 10 FFF: Sleep & Circadian Rhythms: Identifying Disruptions, Risks and Strategies for Resilience presented by Michael DeSanctis, Ph.D., LP, ABPP, DBSM
• December 1 FFF: Psychologists in Clinical Practice Interacting with Legal Systems: What to Consider When Responding to Requests for Confidential Information about Adults, Children, and Families - presented by the Forensic Division
• December 6 Lunch & Learn: Addressing the Shortage of Mental Health Therapists Fluent in American Sign Language (MN) presented by Kaylah Vogt, B.A.; Emily Jordan Jensen, Ph.D., LMFT

We have two great upcoming First Friday Forum sessions that all are encouraged to attend:
• May 12 FFF: Black Childrens' Mothers Walk the Walk of Racial Socialization presented by Beverly Greene, Ph.D., ABPP
• June 2 FFF: Forgiveness in Psychotherapy & Applications to Justice Issues & Historical Trauma presented by Mary Hayes Grieco, B.A. and Sharon Stein McNamara, Ed.D., LP

Motions Passed at the Meeting
The Harrington Company Contract was passed by a unanimous vote to continue with the current management company for the 2023 year.
The Membership Committee passed a motion for the BOGO pricing for new or returning members to be able to have one year free if they purchase a new membership in MPA.

Membership Task Force Update
Michael Sharland leads this task force and discussed an idea proposed by task force members Jennifer Harrison and Jenny Wetterston to have a featured member once per month in the Tuesday Update. This was started last month by Sharon Stein McNamara and featured Margaret Charmoli. The plan is to continue to feature various members every month throughout the year.

Legislative Committee Statement
A statement regarding the proposed bill states that Minnesota Psychological Association is opposed to the bill’s language in the current form. This is HF1234 (Her)/SF1959 (Frentz). The bill is to modify provisions and appropriations for peace officer and firefighter duty disability applications. The letter from MPA is asking for clarification in the language of the bill regarding the duties of psychologists in order to clarify the role of an evaluator versus a treating psychologist. The concern is that these duties are not clarified as the bill stands and that MPA is asking for clarification as to not require psychologists to be placed in an unethical position. Please visit the MPA Legislative Committee page online for more information on several bills MPA is following now including the conversion therapy bill, provider tax legislation, Medicaid reimbursement for mental health, and more.

Other Divisions and Committees
The Health Organization Division was represented and has begun meeting regularly. The Women’s Division Chair was present, and Academic Division, and Public Policy Division Chairperson was present. Reports were given from the Multicultural Division, Children’s Mental Health Division, and Ethics Committee. Overall, Minnesota Psychological Association is increasing division and committee activities. The student and ECP division are having a joint meeting in person at the Pyres Brewing Company on April 21. Everyone discussed looking forward to the Annual Conference on April 27 and 28.

Thank you for your membership!
Sharon Stein McNamara EdD, LP
President, Minnesota Psychological Association