MPA Listservs

MPA, in conjunction with APA, offers MPA members access to and participation in a variety of online discussion listservs. In order to participate in any of the listservs, you must be an MPA member who has a license from the Minnesota Board of Psychology (or other state board of psychology), or a student member who is a graduate student in a psychology program, and must be a member of the listserv’s division.

Please review APA's listserv rules here.

MPA's Policies & Procedures lists the guidelines for online communication on page 16.

To find out more about listservs and how you can join, contact the MPA office at [email protected] or (952) 928-4657.

  • ACADEMICDIVISION: Academic Division
  • CHILDPSYCHDIVISION: Child Psychology Division
  • CPRXPDIVISION: Clinical Psychopharmacology & Collaborative Practice Division
  • ECP: Early Career Psychologist Division
  • HEALTHORGDIVISION: Psychologists in Health Care Organizations Division
  • MNSTUDENTS: Student Division
  • MPAFORENSICS: Forensic Psychology Division
  • MULTICULTURAL: Multicultural Division
  • PPDIVISION: Psychology Practice Division
  • PSYCHOANALYTICSDIVISION:  Psychoanalytical Studies Division
  • PUBLICSERVICEDIVISIONS:  Public Service Division
  • RURALHEALTH: Rural and Greater Minnesota Division
  • WOMENSDIVISION: Womens Division

To remove yourself from a Listserv:

  1. Send an email message to [email protected]
  2. Send the email message from the email account that you receive the listserv messages
  3. Do not put anything in the subject line
  4. In the body write SIGNOFF _____________ – where the blank line is, fill in the name of the listserv. It appears as the letters prior to @LISTL.APAPRACTICE.ORG
  5. You must signoff for each list you are on; you are likely on a list for each division to which you belong