Rural & Greater Minnesota Division Chair: Tom Allen, Ph.D., LP

The purpose of the Rural and Greater Minnesota Division (R&G-MN) of the Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) is to represent psychologists from outside the Metropolitan area and/or who have particular interests in rural issues and practice. The R&G-MN Division was formed to advance the science and practice of rural behavioral health, by promoting evidence based methodology and research specifically designed to enhance the emotional well-being of rural residents. The R&G-MN Division also supports and advocates for rural psychologists in achieving licensure, best-practices, and financial resources.

The division includes a Rural Conference Committee which holds the Annual Rural Behavioral Health Practice Conference, in partnership with other organizations. Its purpose is to make quality continuing education available to behavioral health professionals about the particular practice issues involved in working with rural people and communities. It is broadcast in the fall from a Minnesota site, with options to attend at group webcast sites or by individual webcast.

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