New MPA Division: Psychologists in Healthcare Organizations (PHO)

The Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) is pleased to announce the formation of the new division, Psychologists in Healthcare Organizations (PHO). The PHO division was developed to serve as a resource for psychologists employed in health care settings or interested in working in health care settings, and to assist with the growth and integration of behavioral medicine services into medical practices, clinics, and centers.

The landscape of health care continues to change, and as part of it, delivering effective, yet affordable and safe health care has received greater emphasis. This has been a focus of both government agencies and the private sector alike. Behavioral medicine has attempted, with mixed results, to address this area for years by forging relationships with medical practices. In primary care settings, psychologists screen medical patients for mental health conditions and triage to appropriate mental health care. In neurology groups, psychologists assist with diagnosing patients and making treatment recommendations. In Sleep Centers, psychologists treat insomnia patients, in lieu of prescription sleep medications. Despite these additions, the overall integration of psychologists into medical centers has been slow, uneven, and mostly untapped.

The new PHO division was developed to assist with moving this focus forward. Please sign up for the new PHO division and listserv. The listserv will act as a vehicle for providing division updates, it will be a place to offer and receive job/training announcements, and act as a forum for further discussion between colleagues. Sign up for the new listserv today by contacting Mark Rosenblum, Psy.D., L.P., CBSM, at [email protected] or Tim Baardseth, Ph.D., L.P., at [email protected].

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Richard Sethre - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Thanks to Mark and Tim for taking the lead on this important new MPA Division. One thing that I hope for from them we move forward is routine updates about their take on MPA Governing Council meetings and info about PHO activity in these meetings - what MPA issues is PHO monitoring? What input into MPA Governing Council discussions has PHO provided? Is there a "PHO agenda" for Governing Council meetings? (I hope so- to advocate for policies supportive of healthcare psychology, for starters). Richard Sethre, Psy.D., L.P.

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