New Member Spotlight: Patrick Repp, MA, L.P., LMFT

1)     What is your background in psychology (e.g., education)?

I started out in the mental health field as a chemical dependency counselor in 1976.  I completed an M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services at St. Mary’s University of MN in 1985.  I was licensed as both a Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist in 1989.  I have worked for a number of organizations over the years, including Fairview Riverside Hospital, St. Paul Family Physicians and (the former) Ramsey Clinic.  In 1990-91, I did consultation work for a mission group in Nigeria, West Africa.  I founded Minnesota Renewal Center in 1994.  We are a group of psychologists and therapists who serve the northern St. Paul suburban community, but also specialize in serving ministers, missionaries and military personnel.

2)     Describe your current occupation and any involvement in the Minnesota Psychological Association if applicable.

I am currently the Executive Director of Minnesota Renewal Center and do half-time therapy there.  I am also a member of the board of directors for the newly formed MN Bowen Systems Institute.  I was a member of MPA for several years in the 1990s and 2000s and attended many workshops and events during those years.

3)     What inspired you to pursue a degree in psychology?

I enjoyed my early psychology courses during my undergraduate years and ultimately chose a double major in Psychology and Theater.  I was ministered to by one of my psychology professors and wanted to help others in the gentle way he helped me.   I attended seminary before ultimately deciding to choose psychology and psychotherapy as a means to be a “helping person.”

4)     Why did you join the Minnesota Psychological Association?

I rejoined MPA in order to keep informed of changes happening in the areas of ethics, practice management and technology, for the sake of best practices for our group.  I also had begun to lose connections with my colleagues in psychology practice in the Twin Cities and felt it was time to reconnect with others in our profession.

5)     What do you hope to learn/gain from your new membership?

As above, I hope to keep more abreast of trends and information regarding psychology practice – and to reconnect with old friends and others in the profession.

6)     Any outside hobbies/interests you do not mind sharing?

I’m an avid fisherman and I enjoy music of all kinds, but the thing that takes up most of my time outside my career these days is being a shamelessly proud grandpa of three granddaughters (with one more grandchild on the way!)

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