In Appreciation of Sam Scher, Ph.D., L.P.

Sam Scher passed away June 3, 2014 at age 87 having touched the personal and professional lives of many hundreds of people.  This is not a formal obituary, which you can find in the Star Tribune documenting his accomplishments in a detailed article published on June 8, 2014 as Samuel Charles Scher.

My purpose is to provide an appreciative salute to an accomplished psychologist who was a pioneer in promoting the advancement of our profession as a Clinical Psychologist.  When community mental health was actively seeking to meet the needs of persons who typically were not likely to seek professional psychological services, he was at the forefront creating an opportunity through the Walk In Counseling Center, Youth Emergency Services and Bridge for Youth.   He had leadership in those areas as well as in the Minnesota Psychological Association.  While he was active in public mental health, he also was an extraordinary therapist and consultant, and taught at many of the Twin Cities colleges and universities.   He knew the importance of collegial consultation and actively was a leader in high level psychotherapy consultation groups.

An acquaintance whom I referred to Sam Scher described how helpful he was in assisting this person to focus on the important issues and guided him in a respectful way to an enhanced life.  While each of us cannot duplicate how another professional functions, Sam was an extraordinary model trained as a scientist-practitioner who placed a high value on respecting the worth of all of those he encountered.   He enriched many, many lives by being who he was and through his high level professional skills.  We are proud that he enhanced our profession to the highest level.

Seymour Z. Gross, Ph.D., L.P.

MPA Federal Advocacy  Coordinator

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