Diversity/Cultural Resources

MPA has compiled a list of mental health professionals who are knowledgeable about groups/populations and willing to provide complimentary, brief (less than 15 minutes) clinical case consultation to other mental health professionals. We refer to these professionals as "cultural brokers." We hope this list will allow an expansion of services to diverse groups that may not otherwise receive care due to lengthy wait lists at specialty clinics and poor access to services. This brief consultation is not a substitute for clinical training; rather, it is an avenue for peer consultation and a springboard for continued learning and growth.

If you are interested in being added to this list, please contact info@mnpsych.org and provide the following information: area of expertise, phone number, and email address. Please also contact info@mnpsych.org if you have a request for a professional with expertise in a specific population not yet listed.

Culture Name Phone  Email Address
African-American BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya (763) 522-0100 bravadaakinsanya@hotmail.com
African-American, Hmong, & Somali Willie Garrett, MS, LP, Ed.D. (651) 493-2702


Website: www.williegarrett.com

American Indian Jessica Gourneau, Ph.D., LP (651) 335-1336


Arabic/Middle Eastern & Muslim Layla Asamarai, Psy.D., LP (612) 877-0777


Cambodian Raksmey Grotte, Psy.D.  (651) 280-2096 raksmey.grotte@wilder.org
Chinese Vanessa Ng   Vanessa.Ng@opencitieshealth.org
Chinese Shin-Hsun Lin, PhD (651) 523-2204 slin02@hamline.edu
Elderly/Geriatric Susan McPherson, Ph.D., L.P. (952) 746-4014   
Indian Yasmine Moideen, Ph.D., L.P. (651) 484-0000 mail@yasminemoideen.com


Asha Mukherjee, Ph.D., L.P. (763) 553-7820

Please note: When leaving a voice message, 

specify that the call is for "a cultural consultation."

Karen Novia Josiah   Josi2507@stthomas.edu 
Karen Jeff Walter, PhD, LP (612) 436-4818 jwalter@cvt.org
Korean Sunghee Kim MA, LAMFT (612) 284-8115 sunghee@arubahemotionalhealth.com
LGBT G Zachariah "Zach" White, Psy.D., L.P. (612) 208-9739 gzwhite@sexfromthecenter.com
Military Robin McLeod, PhD, L.P. (651) 739-7539 ext. 1 mcleod@cpwmn.com
Polyamorous Relationships Ashley Sovereign, PsyD, LP  (612) 245-8745 ashleysovereign1@gmail.com
Rural Katherine M. (Kay) Slama, Ph.D., MSS (320) 905-6051 slama@morris.umn.edu
Somali/Indian Ahmed M. Karie, MSW, LICSW (612) 767-7770 ahmedmsyusuf@yahoo.com
Thai Worawan C. Turner, Psy.D., L.P. (952) 222-4491  info@turnerpsychology.com
Tibetan Kunga Norzom, MSW, LICSW   knorzom@gmail.com
Vietnamese Thomas Nguyen, Psy.D., L.P. (651) 280-2160 thomas.nguyen@wilder.org

Diversity Statement

The Minnesota Psychological Association actively encourages the participation of all psychologists regardless of age, creed, race, ethnic background, gender, socio-economic status, region of residence, physical or mental status, political beliefs, religious or spiritual affiliation, and sexual or affectional orientation.Although we are an organization of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds, the Minnesota Psychological Association also recognizes our core unifying identities as Psychologists who practice in America. We also recognize that we may hold unintentional attitudes and beliefs that influence our perceptions of and interactions with others. Within this context of unity and self-exploration, we are committed to increasing our sensitivity to all aspects of diversity as well as our knowledge and appreciation of the unique qualities of different cultures and backgrounds.We aspire to becoming alert to aspects of diversity, previously unseen or unacknowledged in our culture. In this spirit, we are committed to collaborating with multicultural groups to combat racism and other forms of prejudice as we seek to promote diversity in our society. To this end, we are dedicated to increasing our multicultural competencies and effectiveness as educators, researchers, administrators, policy makers, and practitioners.