CE Training Fee Increases

MPA has had the same CE training fees for the past five years to support our membership. Over that same time, the costs have increased over 15%. Presenters are paid higher stipends and the general programming costs have increased each year. Despite the increase, other SPTA’s will still charge between 30-50% more than MPA for CEs.

As of March 1, 2021, the registration fee for Friday Forums and the on-demand webinar catalogue will modestly increase by five dollars per CE hour for MPA members, and ten-dollars for non-members.

The registration cost for the Annual Conference, and all other full-day training events will remain the same.

I encourage you to proactively register for as many live and on-demand trainings as allowed before the March 1, 2021 increase takes effect. MPA will continue to offer the highest quality, lowest cost, practice-relevant training, and advocate for the education, science, and practice of psychology.

Willie Garrett, M.S., LP, Ed.D.
President, MPA
[email protected]